Sunday, 10 March 2013

Animal Print Nails

It seems rather fitting that my first proper post refers to my blog header (being a not-so-computer-savvy person, that darn thing took me so long to sort out). The design I incorporated into the 'Little Tip Off' header is my funky combo of various animal prints - why limit yourself to one design when you can recreate five?!

Thumb: Giraffe print
Index finger: Zebra print
Middle finger: Leopard print
Ring finger: Dalmatian print
Little finger: Tiger print

It sounds a little bit obvious, but actually LOOKING at these patterns makes it much easier. You may think you know what an animal's patterning looks like, but having a closer inspection means you notice things you never considered before (eg. different sizes, different spacings). Obviously a search engine helps if you don't have a zebra to hand...

1. Anyway, starting with the giraffe nail (a very underrepresented animal print, if you ask me!), I used a yellow base, and orange for the details. I basically did one big blob in the middle, and used that as a starting point for the shapes. There isn't a uniform pattern involved, which is what made it so easy! I finished using a slightly darker orange to outline, although brown would have worked just as well.

2. The zebra print began with a white base, and shimmery silver over the top. Using my trusty black nail art pen (an old hair clip and black nail varnish also works!), I combined horizontal and vertical stripes, and varied the thickness and length. 

3. Leopard print is pretty traditional in the world of nail art nowadays; beige base, a few purple/brown dots, then outlines in black. As with all animal prints, sizes and shapes are never consistent, and I think it makes it much more effective if you combine little dots with thicker shapes.

4. The Dalmatian nail is the most simple, but I think it's definitely the most effective. I applied a few coats for a really bright white base, and then added the spots in black. Again, I ensured various sized blobs, and joined up a few to make it more 'real'.

5. Finally, the tiger print! I applied a shimmery orange of a deep peach base, and added a few stripes in black. Obviously your little finger has the smallest nail, so a little more concentration and a steadier hand is required to make sure it doesn't turn into a big black-and-orange blob! Finally, a clear coat was added to all of my nails (when they were completely dry of course. There's nothing worse than ruining your manicure with smudges!)

Choosing just one of these prints would work too. A full set of Dalmatian nails would be really cute, but I reckon I'd have to add in a bright pink statement nail or a bit of glitter, just to keep it exciting. I love mixing and matching far too much! If you're going to attempt a combo of animal prints, I'd definitely advise a limited palette. The brown, orange and yellow - along with standard black and white - ensures that my nails 'make sense'. I just don't think a bright green snake pattern or a red ladybird print would work as well...


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