Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Nails (and the rest...)

Wow... The past few days have been incredibly busy. I've been backwards and forwards across the North of the country (I seem to spend my whole life on the M62), and so my nails have a been a little bit neglected. But I've finally managed to sit down and dedicate some time to creating Easter nails, which I've been mentally planning for a good few weeks!
I've seen so many Easter designs recently, from Easter eggs to Spring flowers to bunny rabbits. I always wanted to create a chick, as I knew it would look incredibly cute and would be pretty easy to paint. I took inspiration from a variety of Easter cards and gifts, and decided to keep it as simple as possible (because less is always more!)

The equipment:

Models Own 'Jade Stone'
Fearne 'Cotton Candy'
Models Own 'Feeling Blue'
Models Own 'Fuzzy Peach'
Fearne 'Lemon Drizzle'
Rimmel 'Rose Libertine'
NYC 'Pinstripe White'
Barry M 'Grey'
Models Own white nail art pen
Large dotting tool
Small dotting tool
A fine paintbrush
Clear top coat
As usual, I started off with clean, filed nails and applied 2 coats of each base colour. I stuck to a pastel palette, and opted for pale green, pale purple, sky blue, pink and lemon yellow. 
Once dry, I added the basic design to my thumb. This consisted of a large circle for the chick's head, a smaller oval for its body, and little leaf shaped wings. I used one of my brand new nail art paintbrushes, which I am in love with already!
It took about 3 coats to achieve a bright yellow colour over the top of the green, and once this was dry, I used my grey Barry M varnish to outline. I thought black would be too harsh against the pastel shades, and so grey was a good decision. I added legs, feet (claws?) and some spiky hair, and then used Models Own 'Fuzzy Peach' to add a tiny triangular beak. Once this was dry, I outlined in the grey as well, and add dots for eyes.

Once I was happy with my chick, I focused on my other fingers. I was contemplating designing complex Easter eggs, but eventually settled for simple polka dots and stripes. Using my dotting tools I added large and small dots to my index and ring finger, and then used the striping brush of my Models Own white nail art pen to draw vertical and horizontal stripes on my middle and little finger. As always, when all of my nails were completely dry, I added a top coat :)

So there we have my Easter nails! I'm so pleased with the final product, and I really hope they last over Easter weekend (I'm pretty certain they will, as Models Own nail varnishes are brilliant quality and never seem to chip or peel away!)

Ooooh, just before I go, I want to show you a couple of new purchases! They were waiting for me when I got home today...

I think the total cost of these was about £5, and that's including P&P. I cannot express how much I adore Amazon for their nail arty treats! The paint brushes are lovely - they're chubbier than normal brushes and so easier to grip, and the bristles are soft yet sturdy. I can't wait to use my new sequins and beads either, it'll be a nice change from gems which have always been my go-to for added sparkle!

Oh and one more thing... I feel slightly guilty for not dedicating a whole post to these nails, but they were done in a rush and therefore I don't have a tutorial. Plus, they're pretty basic in comparison to some of my other designs.

My brand new black and white midi-dress inspired these. I used W7 'Purple' as my main colour, and then for my accent nail I added an abstract pattern using my Models Own black nail art pen over NYC 'Pinstripe White'. These nails only lived for one night, but next time I wear my dress I will definitely do them again!

So I think I've finally covered everything. If I don't check in again over the weekend, Happy Easter! I cannot wait to feast on chocolate all Sunday long... This Lent has been a painful one!

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