Monday, 18 March 2013

Fruit Salad Nails

I've seen so many fantastic fruity nails recently, I couldn't help but have a go! I've always preferred free hand nail art too; tricks like marbling are fun to try, but they're never as satisfying as a set of hand painted nails! I'm especially fond of my kiwi, but the strawberry, pineapple and watermelon are also cute (the orange was a bit of a letdown, but by this point I was getting rather tired and lightheaded from the nail varnish fumes!) I had to use so many different colours for this look, which you can see below...

The equipment:

NYC 'Pinstripe White'
NYC 'Carrie'd Away'
No. 7 'Totally Teal'
Models Own 'Jade Stone'
Models Own 'Nude Beige'
Models Own 'Fuzzy Peach'
Rimmel 'Rose Libertine'
Fearne 'Lemon Drizzle'
Fearne 'Burnt Out'
Missguided 'Misslead'
A classic red polish (a cheapy from a set, 
so no brand or name visible!)
Rio black nail art pen
Rio white nail art pen
Rio yellow nail art pen
A fine paintbrush

I began with the base colours. I applied 2 coats of each colour - 'Jade Stone' for my thumb, the classic red for my index finger, 'Lemon Drizzle' for my middle finger, 'Rose Libertine' for my ring finger, and finally 'Fuzzy Peach' to my little finger. Once dry, I topped my orange finger with the sparkly 'Burnt Out', and added the shimmery yellow Missguided polish to my thumbnail. This helped the jade colour to turn more lime green, and therefore more kiwi-ish!

Once my bases were evenly coated and dry, I began the basic details. This involved adding a white centre and a fan effect to my thumb nail (using a cocktail stick, as usual!), and then green tips for the fruit's leaves and peel.

Again, I wanted to achieve more of a lime green colour, and so topped the tips with the shimmery yellow varnish. Once completely dry, I added more details. I used a dark green - 'Totally Teal' - for the shading on the strawberry, pineapple and orange's leaves, as well as stripes on the watermelon. I then added a slim white rim to the watermelon, separating the green section from the pink, thus creating a 'pith'.
Once my base details were dry, I began the more complex stuff! I carefully added dots to my kiwi, using my black nail art pen, and made sure to vary the sizes and blend some pips together, making it seem more real. I added yellow dots to my strawberry and orange, and larger black dots to my watermelon, before taking my fine paintbrush and adding a crosshatch pattern to my pineapple, using 'Nude Beige' (this would also work with a deeper yellow and/or orange!)

As usual, once my nails were completely dry (and I mean COMPLETELY dry - black nail art pens seem to be the worst offenders of smudging, so don't let impatience ruin your kiwi!) I applied a top coat. My current favourite is NYC 'Carrie'd Away', as it's got a slightly peachy tint and seems to complement brighter bases. Also, the brush is so soft and broad, you're less likely to smudge :)

So there you go, my fruity nails! As I said before, my kiwi is very close to my heart, and I reckon I'll be attempting a full set of these in the future. I also want to perfect an inside view of lemons, limes and oranges, and maybe create a nail design of citrus sections?


  1. Wow! I've only tried stamping with this fruit-plate by Konad. But you have such steady hands. I especially love the Kiwi.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Thank you! I like my kiwi best too, plus I think it's the simplest one to do :) I really need to research this stamping phenomenon! I enjoy hand painting my nails the most but love trying out new equipment and effects as well xxx


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