Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Studs & Sparkles

I've been so busy for the past few days, I've hardly had time to think about my nails! I applied these on Saturday afternoon, and they have lasted until today with only minimal chipping. Even the gems are all still intact, which is impressive! I wore a pale pink jumper that night, which has gold and silver studs around the neckline, and so this nail design matched well.

The equipment:

W7 'Sheer Pink'
NYC Pinstripe White
Models Own black nail art pen
Pink and silver gems
Nails Inc. 'Bling It On' silver nail glitter
Clear top coat
A fine paintbrush

I applied around 3 coats of pink to my thumb, index finger and little finger, as I wanted a really bright, clean finish. For my middle finger I used a couple of coats of white, and once all were dry, I applied the first top coat. I knew I'd be adding extra details but wanted to seal in the base colours to try and avoid chips and peeling!

Once dry, I added the silver gems to my pink nails. I think placing them in the centre towards the base is a good position, but in either top corner would also look effective! Once I was happy with the positioning (I used tweezers, which help with precision!) I applied another top coat. On my middle finger I began adding the colour details, painting a pale pink chevron at the bottom, and then adding a smaller black triangle inside. I added black dots in a triangular shape using my nail art pen, and once dry, added four pink gems and one silver. Again, once everything was dry I added a top coat!

For my index finger I used one of my favourite products, Nails Inc. 'Bling It On'. I applied a base coat (any colour works), then rolled my finger nail in the glitter using the little tray that comes with the set. Glitter tends to get everywhere, and I always try and save as much as possible! Once I was happy with the coverage, I topped it off with a clear top coat.

Although these nails are quite simple in comparison to my other designs, they've stayed put really well and have received lots of compliments! I will definitely be using this again in the future, matching them to my outfits and switching up the positions and colours of my gems!


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