Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Boots Haul!

Okay, okay, I know I've been rubbish recently... The past few days have been dedicated to essays, so I've hardly had time to think about my nails. However, since I'm ahead of schedule with my deadlines, I decided to give myself a little break today. It was a lovely coincidence when I checked my bank balance and found I had money (the last week of the month is always a painful, poor one, so when the 30th hits I am in my element!) so I had a little splurge...

I've never tried L'Oreal nail products before, partly because of the price tag, but also because the colours are always pretty standard. But today in Boots I spotted a few gorgeous bottles, and when I noticed the 3 for 2 stickers all over the stand, I knew I had to take the plunge and try them out! I opted for shades 602 'Perle de Jade', 204 'Boudoir Rose' and 104 'Macaron Noisette', which are all gorgeous and creamy and girly. The pale jade colour also totally matches the top I'm wearing today, which I took as a definite sign to buy buy buy! I also bought my favourite Maxfactor mascara and powder, and since there was a 'Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price' offer on this brand, my total spend came to around £20 (rather than the £35-ish it would have been).
The nail polishes are from L'Oreal's Colour Riche collection, and according to the website the 'built-in top coat LiquiGel Technology offers easy application, even coverage and lasting glossy shine. The patented brush technology gives extra precision. The flat brush holds the formula,  so colour is applied to nails easily.'* I can safely say that is very accurate advertising, as each colour was easy to apply and the brushes made for a neat and tidy finish. They're also very even and glossy, and I especially like the subtle gold shimmer throughout 'Macaron Noisette'. Only time will tell if they're long lasting, but so far the quality is fantastic so I doubt there'll be much chipping or peeling. 
Looking online, I've noticed lots of bargain retailers selling the Color Riche varnishes for around the £1.50 area, however the shades are quite limited. I'm normally a devout online shopper but sometimes it's nice to go to actual shops and have a proper browse, try out products and compare colours. Plus I got my Boots points which is an added bonus :)
I'm planning on funking up this manicure later tonight or tomorrow, and should hopefully post a decent tutorial in the near future... Once these darn deadlines are out of the way I will be back to my regular blogging self, I promise!


  1. What a fun springish colors!

    1. I love them, especially 'Perle de Jade'! I definitely recommend, they're such good quality and the colours are all beautiful. Plus the bottles are really cute :)


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