Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cosmo Careers Masterclass!

Last night I attended the Cosmopolitan Careers Masterclass in Manchester. Although I was initially unsure of how beneficial this would be, I am so so so glad I decided to part with £30.00 and secure myself a ticket. The event was so worthwhile; the panel were fantastic, the advice was priceless, and the freebies were also an added bonus!

Held in the Renold Building of the university, the class took place at 6.30pm, and was filled to the brim with young ambitious women (and a couple of lads!) who want to forge a career in the Media. I was pretty worried about finding my way there, despite actually going to Manchester University and having access to Google Maps, but the lovely ladies at Cosmo sent a confirmation email earlier on in the day and attached a little map for those of us who lack a sense of direction! I was also concerned when I saw lots of girls arriving in pairs or groups, and was dreading being a little lonely goat... Luckily, once I'd grabbed my free glass of wine, I bumped into the lovely Carey from Rare Fashion Finds. We had a good chat before the class kicked off, and she liked my nails! (I was in such a rush beforehand that I hadn't any time to post a tutorial, but for those who are interested, I did a version of the design in this post. However, rather than purple, I did pale pink to hot pink gradient nails).

Anyway, when we entered the lecture room there were immediate squeals at the goodie bags lined up on the desks! When you think freebies, you picture little paper or plastic carriers with a few little testers and some vouchers stuffed inside. Cosmo take this to another level...
Big bags = lots of goodies, and nobody was disappointed! Along with two of my favourite products, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula and DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, every girl received Beverly Hills Formula 'Perfect White' toothpaste, Little White Lie tanning lotion, Umberto Gianni 'Frizzi' hair oil, Creighton's 'Fake Don't Bake' tanning cream, and NYC lipstick in 'Flirty'. We also got floss picks, a fake tanning mitt, a lip paint, Kleenex shine absorbing wipes AND a packet of Popchips... Generous or what!
Once we'd gotten over the excitement of our goodie bags, we all settled down for a talk from the panel. Although this consisted of amazing women such as Cosmo's Editor-in-Chief Louise Court and Digital Editor Pat McNulty, it was Rachel Burke-Davies and Lizzi Hosking who made the biggest impression on me. They were such relaxed, chatty, friendly women, and had heaps of advice along with funny little anecdotes. Although I've never thought about pursuing a career in Radio, Rachel is the definitely the sort of presenter, and professional, that I'd want to be like! Lizzi was hilarious and 100% honest about her job role; it's so nice when hugely successful women are down to earth as well!

Following the talk, which covered everything from perks of the job to work experience nightmares, there was a Q&A session with the audience. I kind of wish I'd spoken up, but I hadn't really got anything to say (surprising!). The session ran over about 25 minutes so quite a few girls had to get up and leave early, which was kind of disruptive, but I guess they had buses and trains to catch. Luckily for me I could hang about, living so close by and everything! This sort of event reiterates how lucky I am to be living in such a busy, vibrant city, and even the panel made a point of saying that not EVERYTHING happens in London, and there's plenty of stuff going on up North too :)

Anyway, I'll stop all the chit-chatting and get to work on my nails. I feel guilty whenever I post and don't include anything remotely nail-related, but I promise promise promise that I'll come back soon with a brand spanking new design! Ooooh and for anybody that found this post interesting, Cosmo are holding a Superbloggers masterclass in the near future, so I completely recommend!

Update: As all those who are Social Media savvy do, I linked the details of my blog and this review to my other networks. To my absolute disbelief, I received an amazing mention from the Cosmo Beauty Team via Twitter! For those of you who don't follow me, hit the pink birdie button on the left, and you can be inundated with even more nail arty posts (along with general chit chat, random nonsense, and a few moans & groans!)

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