Saturday, 18 May 2013

Peach & Yellow Gradients With Butterflies

I'm feeling rather sorry for myself today as I have yet another ear infection. Most of my friends are out partying the night away, and since the wife is working nights at the moment I have to find some other way to entertain myself! So, as I always do, I scrubbed away the manicure I created earlier and started another design. I've entered these into a competition for Ombre nails, but to be honest I'm still pretty rubbish at the whole gradient thing. I avoided a step-by-step tutorial anyway, as I knew there'd be lots of mistakes, and there's plenty of brilliant gradient tutorials out there!

Anyway, after using my trusty kitchen sponge,  I added some little black butterflies and gems. They're very similar to my Pastel Butterfly Nails, but I actually think they look even better on a gradient background. Plus the colour scheme is nice and summery :) What do you think?


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