Monday, 15 July 2013

Sinful Colors Haul: A New Purse Friendly Favourite

Hi everyone! Long time no see... I feel guilty for not blogging for a while, but it's been a busy few weeks. I had to squeeze in lots of Dissertation (snore) work before my holiday to the South of France, so my nails have been taking a back seat! Unfortunately I haven't had time to do a new design, but I wanted to share with you my recent purchases. I've always been intrigued by Sinful Colors, as so many of the US based nail artists I follow always seem to use it! The brand is finally available in large Boots stores all over the UK, and when I first noticed the stand in the middle of the cosmetics section, the £1.99 price tags made me a little sceptical, especially after being so disappointed with other cheap brands (*cough* LA Colors *cough*). However, after reading a few reviews of Sinful Colors, I decided to take the plunge and part with (just under) ten British pounds!
This is my personal favourite, 'Easy Going', which is a soft, off-white shade with a lovely finish for such a pale polish. I love light colours and this is the perfect addition to my collection. It will also be a nice alternative to white, and will be a pretty base for more intricate designs.
'Island Coral' is yet another pink shade (the photo doesn't really do it justice) but, as its name suggests, it is a slightly coral-coloured nail varnish and therefore very summery! It only took 2 coats for a good opaque finish, which is impressive for such a bargain price. 
This pale yellow is called 'Unicorn', which is such a cute name, but I don't really understand it... I'm pretty sure unicorns aren't yellow. Anyway. It's a lovely soft colour and is much more delicate than my other yellow polishes. It took around 4 coats to achieve this finish which isn't fantastic, but this was mainly due to the runny consistency of this bottle. 
'Pistache' is soooo much brighter than the bottle initially suggests. I was expecting a sort of pastel-teal-green, but it's actually a lot more neon when on your nails. I still quite like it though... One can never have too many greens! Like 'Unicorn', this polish was a lot runnier than the other bottles. 

I haven't bothered to swatch 'Black on Black' because, well, it's black. I must say though, this is one of the best black polishes I've come across (especially for the price), because it only took 2 coats to achieve a really good finish. All in all, I'm pretty impressed with Sinful Colors and I won't hesitate to buy again, but this is mainly due to their £1.99 price tags. The consistency of the polish is a bit too runny for my liking, especially in the cases of some of the shades, but the bottle sizes are really good and the brushes are nice and slim. The colour range is also exceptional, so if you're a UK resident who's looking for some bargain nail varnishes, head straight to your nearest 'big' Boots!

Has anyone else tried Sinful Colors? Or can you recommend any other bargain brands? I promise I'll be back soon with some new nail art... I'm currently cooking up a design inspired by my holiday, so watch this space! 


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  1. Great buys! I think you made great choice of colours! I'm definitely loving each of them (aside from black..cause its you know, black.. :P) Hahaha! Haven't try this brand yet. Though, looking forward too! Especially after seeing this post! :)


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