Thursday, 22 August 2013

Galaxy Nails: A Nail Art Classic

Hi everyone! For the next two weeks I'm super-duper busy so my posts will be short and sweet. I'm back at my parents' in York for a while, and unfortunately it was neither appropriate nor physically possible to bring all of my nail polishes with me! But never mind, because I've got another set of falsies to share with you.

You may have seen these before in a previous blog post, as well as on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I know that the whole galaxy thing has been done to death, and most people know by now how to achieve the look, but I just wanted to talk you through my technique.

The equipment:

Sinful Colors 'Black on Black'
Rimmel 'Azure'
Barry M 'Shocking Pink'
Jacava 'Mont Blanc'*
e.l.f. 'Fairy Cream'
Models Own white nail art pen
Kitchen sponge

So basically I started out with black bases, and used 2 coats to ensure opacity. Once dry, I applied 'Azure' to the edge of a kitchen sponge and pressed it on randomly. Then I did the same with 'Shocking Pink'. When I was happy with flashes of blue and pink, I repeated the process with white, and then took my nail art pen and began to add the stars. I didn't worry too much about the sizes or spacing of the dots, because obviously there's no set pattern to galaxies!
Before everything was 100% dry, I sprinkled on a blend of glitter. I got quite a few tubes from good old Wilkinson's the other day, and I really like the effect of combining a few colours. For even more sparkle, I added a coat of e.l.f. 'Fairy Cream', which is a gorgeous shimmery polish with flecks of gold and red through it.

What do you think? Do you like my galaxy falsies? These will be available to buy in the very near future, and colour combinations can be changed to suit your needs. What's even better, the price tag will be EXTREMELY purse friendly! Make sure you keep checking my Facebook page to keep updated :)

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