Saturday, 14 September 2013

london fashion week day 2: antipodium

Happy Saturday everyone! For my second London Fashion Week post I've taken inspiration from Antipodium's SS14 collection. I popped back over to Vogue for the latest images, and was immediately drawn to the pretty pleats and cute prints of these designs. I'm one of those people who loves coordination, and Antipodium's matchy-matchy combinations really appealed to me. 

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I decided to use these two outfits as a starting point. I love the floral print of the top, especially the mixture of muted colours with a punchy turquoise shade, and also the cute little polkadots on the skirt and jacket. I based my design around all of these features, and have created an unusual mix-and-match manicure.

The equipment:

Models Own 'Bare Beauty'
Models Own 'Utopia'
Models Own 'Blueberry Muffin'
Sinful Colors 'Black On Black'
Barry M 'Greenberry'
Rio white nail art pen
Essie 'Good To Go'
Medium dotting tool
Small dotting tool
Fine nail art paint brush

I applied base coats of 'Black On Black' and 'Bare Beauty' (this took three coats), and once dry, I began adding the details. I use a medium sized dotting tool to apply 'Blueberry Muffin' polkadots to my nude-coloured nails, and spaced them out as evenly as possible. Once dry, I used a small dotting tool to add another black dot inside each.
On my black nails, I began painting the floral pattern. I added blobs of 'Bare Beauty', 'Utopia', 'Blueberry Muffin' and Barry M 'Greenberry', and once dry, I used a small nail art paint brush to add black petal details. I didn't think the pattern looked 'finished', so I used a Rio white nail art pen to add additional white dots here and there.
Since I'm in a 'mattifying' mood at the moment, I added a topcoat of Essie 'Matte About You'. This photo shows my nails just before the polish dries completely. I thought it would make the design look better, but after a while, I decided I prefer the shiny finish!

What do you think? Matte always looks good on top of muted colours, but something about this just doesn't sit right with me. Maybe it's because the original Antipodium top looks quite satiny, and so a shiny finish is meant to be? The whole shiny/matte decision never causes too many problems, because you can just apply a normal topper over the matte coat if you change your mind (and vice versa). Easy peasy!


  1. This is so detailed! I love the colour combination! :)

    1. Thank you! I never would have thought to put these colours together but I really like it :)

  2. The nails look amazing - wish I had the talent to make my nails look that good - can barely paint them a base colour without coating my whole hand in nail varnish! :)

    1. Aww thanks! I'm sure you're not that bad :p just practise! :) x

  3. I really love this mani.the colours are great together :)

  4. Ohh how intriguing these are! Definitely love the two combinations! I think it's great you add the dots onto the floral one! It totally helps in linking the whole mani together :D I kinda prefer the matte, but I think it looks great both matte and gloss! Great job with these! ♥


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