Friday, 11 October 2013

A Quick & Easy Mani: Love Hearts & Glitter

Hi everyone! Today I've created a really easy manicure which, despite its simplicity, is very effective (well I think so). I've been struggling to come up with new design ideas recently, but was really desperate to paint my nails and achieve a pretty mani. So, as many of us do when we're lacking inspiration, I went for the old failsafe of glittery polish! Also, if you're a regular reader, you're probably wondering why my primary manicure photo has changed (normally I do a full 'claw' shot). For some unbeknown reason, my long-suffering iPhone camera had actually decided to focus amazingly for once. I thought it was well and truly dead after spilling acetone all over it, but evidently it can still manage to take decent shots every now and again. Anyway, since my blog generally lacks high quality photographs (but not for long - it's my birthday next month and I am expecting a camera-shaped surprise!), I thought I may as well showcase a half decent image!

The equipment:

Sinful Colors 'Black On Black'
e.l.f. Cosmetics 'Chic Confetti'
OPI 'Magazine Cover Mouse'
Medium nail art paintbrush
I used two coats of 'Black On Black' as a base, and then added 'Chic Confetti', which is one of the e.l.f. Cosmetics polishes I won a few months ago (the full prize and details are in this post). Although e.l.f. polishes aren't of great quality, and can be quite watery and take a while to dry, I have a real soft spot for their glitters and am never disappointed with the result.
Once dry, I used OPI 'Magazine Cover Mouse' to paint love hearts. This polish is truly amazing - it's a liquid sand, so once dry it has a lovely texture and sparkly finish. To construct the hearts, I used a medium sized paintbrush, and just dabbed on two dots, joined them together with a triangle, and then filled in the gaps.

I know this manicure isn't as complex as my usual efforts, but sometimes it's nice to have simple nails. Plus, how can you ever go wrong with glitter?! I'm kind of toying with the idea of a deck of cards mani now, using this same style but varying the hearts with diamonds, clubs and spades... And maybe inverting some of the base colours... Watch this space!


  1. I loooove this glitter, and it looks fab over black! Fab mani, and I like the idea of deck-of-cards too! xx

  2. I'm totally into glitter and other weird finishes: textures, liquid sands etc ao this combo is soooo nice for me!



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