Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art: Black Cat Silhouettes

Hi guys. Yep, you guessed it, I've got another Halloween manicure to share with you today - black cats! I've been desperate to use the Rococo polish that my friend very kindly gave to me a few weeks ago, so this was the perfect opportunity. It's a gorgeous dusky lavender colour, and I knew it would look really effective along with simple black silhouettes.

The equipment:

Rococo 'Lady Lavender'
Models Own black nail art pen
Essie 'Matte About You'

The Rococo polish is of such high quality, it only took one coat to achieve an amazing finish. It applied really smoothly, the brush is just the right width and shape, and the consistency is perfect - not too runny and not too gloopy either! I'm not sure how much the polishes normally retail for (I imagine they're pretty £££), but I definitely won't hesitate to treat myself in the future.
Once my purple bases were dry, I used a black nail art pen to draw on the silhouettes. I found some pictures on Google images and half copied, half made up my own cat shapes. I decided to have two sitting cats on my index and ring fingernails, and a scaredy-cat (I think that's what they look like?!) on my other three nails. 
A shiny finish really didn't look right, so I added Essie 'Matte About You'. I think it's make a world of difference! What do you think? What are your nails sporting this Halloween?


  1. I am crazy about the cats so I love your idea! looks so great!

  2. I need to go out and buy a nail pen just to do this!! =)
    xxx Kat

    1. I couldn't live without my Models Own nail art pens, they're brilliant. I've also heard good things about the Barry M ones, and Rio do a good deal in so many colours :) x

  3. Love the cats idea! Such a great alternative for Halloween nails! :D Hahaha!! I love the humour you have in this mani XD


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