Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pink lilies for breast cancer awareness month

Hi everyone! Today I've created a pink lily manicure for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Lots of girls over on Twitter have been showcasing their pretty pink nails to raise awareness, so I had to join in. From a young age I've known many people to be affected by breast cancer, both directly and indirectly, so it's a cause that's really personal to me and my family. I know that lilies are typically funeral flowers, but I wanted mine to have more upbeat and positive connotations, so I placed them on a yellow background and added foil details to make them super bright and shiny!

The equipment:

Sinful Colors 'Unicorn'
Sinful Colors 'Snow Me White'
Sinful Colors 'Pistache'
Sinful Colors 'Black On Black'
OPI 'Chic From Ears To Tail'
OPI 'A Definite Moust Have'
Essie 'Good To Go'
Fine nail art paint brush
Tiny dotting tool
Ciaté 'Kaleidoscope Very Colourfoil Manicure'
I used 'Unicorn' as a base, and applied around four coats for opacity. Once my nails were dry, I added petal shapes using a fine paint brush and 'Snow Me White'. Each lily has six petals: three large, and three small. Once dry, I used a couple of polishes from the OPI 'Couture de Minnie' collection, 'Chic From Ears To Tail' and 'A Definite Moust Have', to add pink details. I used the deeper pink in the centre of the nails, and then blended it into the white using the pale pink. For the centre of the flowers I dabbed on 'Unicorn' and 'Pistache', and then used a tiny dotting tool to add black seeds. I also added dots to the tips of the petals using 'A Definite Moust Have.' I spent a while neatening up each flower by adding more layers of white and pink as needed, and once dry, I topped it all off with Essie 'Good To Go.' 

For some sparkle, I used the pink foil from my new Ciaté set - I got it from TK Maxx for an amazing £9.99. I used the little glue to dab randomly across the petals, and once it had dried a bit, I pressed on the foil. You can't see it very well in the photos, but it adds a really shiny, 3D effect to the lilies. I wanted to add another top coat to smooth everything out, but I was worried that the foils may run, so I just left the manicure as it was. 

What do you think? Will you be creating a pink mani for BCA? Make sure you hop over to twitter and check out the tags #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth and #BCAM, there's lots of gorgeous pink nail art tweeting about!



  1. These are lovely, really delicate-looking :-) x

  2. I love this one! This nail art is a really unique addition and original approach for Breast Cancer Awareness :) Great job to you! Although I'm really sorry to hear that many people around you are affected by this. I hope they'll beat this horrible cancer! xx


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