Friday, 22 November 2013

Little Tip Off Water Marbling: The Trickiest Kind of Nail Art!

Hi guys. Today's post is going to be quick, as I've got a rather busy day ahead of me. For some unbeknown reason, this morning saw the decision of water marbling attempt. I haven't had a go at this technique for months, mainly because it's so tricky and tends to end in disaster more often than success! I chose to incorporate my blog's design colours into the mani, as I love how pastel green and purple complement one another. Oooh, and please forgive me for the state of my cuticles/the clean up!

The equipment:

Sinful Colors 'Snow Me White'
Sinful Colors 'Pistache'
Butter London 'Molly Coddled'
Nail art gems
Dotting tool
Tepid water in a plastic cup
Essie 'Good To Go'

I painted all my bases white to start with, then applied two coats of 'Pistache' to my ring finger nail, and one coat of 'Molly Coddled' to my index finger nail. Then I began water marbling for my other nails: I dripped the polish colours into the water forming consecutive circles, then used my dotting tool to swirl the pattern around. Once I was happy with the pattern that was created, I dipped in my nails. As I pulled them out, I caught any excess with my dotting tool. I repeated the process for each nail, creating slightly different marble patterns. My plain green and purple nails looked a bit boring in comparison to the water marbled ones, so I added some nail art gems in opposing colours. Once dry, I topped the whole mani off with Essie 'Good To Go'. What do you think?

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  1. This is absolutely lush! I love the colours x


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