Friday, 29 August 2014

Girly Baroque Floral Nail Art

Today I've created yet another floral manicure (oh so predictable!) I've switched things up a bit though, and included some baroque-style leaves/petals along with the daintier flowers. This manicure was really quick and easy to do, and I think the combo of blended pink, red and white strokes along with the bold black bits works really well.
The equipment:

Kiko Cosmetics 'Prestigious Taupe'*
Kiko Cosmetics 'Slick Bluenoir'*
Models Own 'Gum Ball'*
Sinful Colors 'Easy Going'
OPI 'A Definite Moust-Have'
OPI 'Innie Minnie Mightie Bow'
Essie 'Good To Go'
Fine nail art paint brush

I started off with a base of 'Prestigious Taupe', which is a lovely soft mushroomy colour. It only took two coats for opacity, and once dry it has a really nice gel-effect finish. Then I used my nail art paint brush to apply the flowers, painting lots of tiny strokes of 'Easy Going' into a circular shape. I did this for each nail, changing the location of each flower for a bit of variety (I added two flowers to my middle finger nail). Once this super pale, pinky colour was dry, I added strokes of 'Gum Ball', then 'A Definite Moust-Have', and then 'Innie Minnie Mightie Bow', so the flowers build up from pale pink to rich red.

I added dots of 'Slick Bluenoir' to the middle of the flowers, along with a couple of hints of 'Easy Going'. Next I added the baroque type leaves around the edges, painting the outline and then filling in. Each leaf/petal took two coats for a really dark finish. As always, I topped off my mani with a cot of Essie 'Good To Go'. I'm going out tonight to let's see how long they last!


  1. These are SO lovely! The colours work beautifully together! Sam xxx

  2. wow.. just amazing art .. i like it your site very much.. your art is giving gorgeous look.. its very pretty and color combination just fantastic.. its pink and black color is very great.. i love this kind of arts.. please tell me how it create.. i am your fan man... thanks for show this design.. i ll try its definitely.. =)


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