Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Nail Art: Spider Webs (and a little surprise...)

Hi everyone. I've finally managed to find some time to do some nail art, and since Halloween is just around the corner, it only seemed right to do something a little scary. I did some arachnid-themed nails last year, but they were sparkly and cartoony. This time, I decided to do something a little less cute... But still pretty to look at, I hope!

The equipment:

Models Own 'Peaches & Cream'
Models Own 'Obsidian'
OPI 'The Drummer is Hot'
OPI 'Yellopalooza'
Sinful Colors 'Courtney Orange'
Sinful Colors 'Black on Black'
Essie 'Good To Go'
Fine nail art paint brush

I used 'Peaches & Cream' as a base and applied two coats. Once dry, I added patches of 'The Drummer is Hot' (reddish-orange), 'Yellopalooza' (super bright yellow) and 'Courtney Orange' (deep, shimmery orange). I layered up the patches as I wanted the background to be really vibrant and fiery.

Once dry, I painted on the webs and spiders. I used a fine paint brush, which is trimmed down slightly. This was pretty tricky and I made a few little errors, but they easily fixed with the application of yellow and orange, which neatened everything up. I wanted the spiders to stand out against the webs, so I dabbed on 'Obsidian', which is from the Models Own Velvet Goth collection. I tried to make sure each spider got a few larger sequins along with the finer bits of glitter.

As always, I topped it all off with Essie 'Good To Go', my favourite ever top coat! It's so fast drying and makes everything so smooth and shiny.

Now for the surprise - here's a little disclaimer though: if you don't like spiders (other than tiny little nail art ones) then I recommend you click away NOW. I warned you...

So if you follow me on other social channels you may have seen that I acquired a new pet last weekend. It's not the most normal of pets, but who wants to be normal anyway?! It's rather fitting that I introduce you to Esmerelda (Princess Esmerelda Spiderpig, to be precise) on this post, because she's a Chilean Rose Tarantula.

She really is a gorgeous little thing; very calm and friendly, and she's much prettier and softer than most giant spiders. I do hope I haven't frightened any of you away. I've received so many mixed reactions to her, from pure terror to extreme excitement. I've even been accused of manipulating the images on Photoshop. I should take that as a compliment really, my Photoshop skills aren't that good! Also, I must add, you're not technically meant to handle tarantulas that much (mainly because there's a big risk of dropping them, and a fall of only a few inches can rupture their abdomens and they die). So I only get Esmerelda out a couple of times a week and I make sure I'm sitting on the floor with my hand raised only a few centimetres from the carpet. Tarantulas are also extremely sensitive to toxins, so air fresheners, sprays and diffusers etc. are a big no-no. With this being said, I made totally sure that my nails were 100% dry and the fumes had dispersed before handling her.

Anyway, that's enough from me and Esmerelda. Let me know what you think about my nails! And if you're one of the few that likes tarantulas, you can add her on Instagram @esmereldatarantula (and if you hate spiders, you should probably steer clear of that account).



  1. OK, I absolutely hate spiders and I may not have a fobia but I am extremely scared and anxious just when I see them (the bigger, the worse), Saying that, for the first time in my life I can kind of "get" why so many people decide to get one as a pet, the cute name Esmeralda, explanation on how they live (I didn't know they're that fragile) made me more aware, so thank you Amy! :)

    1. You're more than welcome :) It's totally understandable for people to be afraid of spiders - after all, it's only natural for us to be a bit apprehensive about exotic species, especially since many of them can harm us. But Chile Rose Tarantulas are really calm and friendly creatures, and as long as you are careful with them, they won't bite or anything. I'm so glad Esmerelda has changed your mind a little bit xxx

  2. Love the background you've created and the spider web design! No offence to Esmerelda... but I do not love her! *shudder* x


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