Monday, 15 December 2014

Laura Ashley Imperial Bloom Nail Art

Hi everyone. Today I've created some nail art inspired by a Laura Ashley gift set I got for my birthday last month. The set contained lots of pampering goodies including creams, scrubs and a fragrance mist, all packaged in within a gorgeous box printed with hand painted birds and branches. I've actually been intending on doing a Christmas-themed manicure, but I reckon there are enough of those going around at the moment! 

The equipment:

L'Oreal 'Pearl de Jade'
Sinful Colors 'Black On Black'
Sinful Colors 'Easy Going'
Models Own 'Utopia'
Rimmel 'Disco Ball'
Essie 'Sweet Talker'
Essie 'Good To Go'
Fine nail art paint brush

The base of my manicure is L'Oreal 'Pearl de Jade', a soft turquoise shade from the Color Riche collection that came out a few years ago. After three coats, I applied Essie 'Good To Go', which is my favourite fast-drying top coat. When I'm doing intricate nail art I always like to apply coats of this in between as it ensures a smooth surface and helps to avoid smudges!

For the branches I mixed varying amounts of black with 'Sweet Talker' for light and shade, then outlined randomly with pure black. I really like how sketchy the original design is so I wanted to recreate it as well as possible. The roses are Sinful Colors 'Easy Going' with flicks of 'Utopia' and the same kind of black outlines.

I painted the birds in a similar way, applying different layers of 'Sweet Talker' mixed with black, then adding pure black strokes. I also added a couple of patches of 'Easy Going' to the wings, breast and cheeks (if birds have cheeks?) as I thought white would be too much of a stark contrast.

Finally, I added a few dabs of 'Disco Ball', a lovely glittery polish with flecks of silver, lilac and blue throughout. Then I topped it all off with even more 'Good To Go'!

What do you think? Let me know!


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