Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Gelly Sandwich Nail Art With USpicy

Hi guys. Today I have something a little bit different to share with you - my very first gelly sandwich manicure with the help of USpicy's UV Professional Nail Lamp*. It's around that time of having far too much month at the end of my money, so I didn't fancy investing in any gel polishes (a bit of a step-up from my usual £5-per-polish limit!) However, I knew that I could get hold of gel base and top coats for a more purse friendly price, and then just use a standard polish in between for a gelly sandwich mani!

The gel base and top coats I used are by RYV - I got them from Amazon along with wipes you need to get rid of the tackiness after curing. I decided to try out my first gelly manicure with an old favourite - Sinful Colors Coral Island - and then added a few simple black and white details. 

To do the manicure I applied a gel polish base and cured under the lamp for a minute, as I read online that bases need less time. Then I removed any residue with the wipes and applied the normal polish and design. Once my nails had dried naturally I added a gel top coat and cured under the lamp again, this time for 120 seconds. One final wipe, and voila.

I'm really pleased with my first gelly sandwich though I do wish I'd taken more time and care with the normal polish stage - I was in such a rush to get my nails done that I didn't let these layers dry fully before curing the top coat, so this caused a couple of nails to peel off within a couple of days, and then obviously the rest had to go too. Next time I will paint the polish on in thinner layers and let it dry fully, and hopefully this will make for a manicure that lasts at least a week.

If you're planning on trying out gel polish (or gelly sandwiches) at home, I fully recommend getting hold of a USpicy lamp. For £14.99, you can't really say no!


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